For Parents

Thank you for choosing a Harvard program to educate and enrich your child. The goal of the Harvard Policy for the Safety and Protection of Minors is to provide a safe and supportive environment for children in youth-serving programs.  Here, you can:

  • Learn about Harvard’s work to maintain a safe environment for your child to learn and play
  • Find out how to report suspected abuse, neglect, or inappropriate activity
  • For minors participating in laboratory activities during a Harvard program, learn about the University's efforts and what you can do to promote safety for minors in labs 

Below are some forms that your Program Administrator may ask you to complete before your child enrolls in a Program. Please note, however, that parents should only fill out forms as directed by a Program Administrator or designee.

Additionally, if Parents reach this page in error while searching for forms to register a Minor for a specific Program, he or she should contact the specific Program for help with registration. Tub Sponsoring Offices and the Youth Protection Officer do not maintain information for Parents or Minors on registration with individual Programs.

Finally, you can review the resource links below to learn more about Harvard and and our efforts to create a safe and supportive environment for your child.