For Harvard Tub Sponsoring Offices

Tub Sponsoring Offices (TSOs) across the University coordinate youth-serving Programs at the local school or unit ("tub") level by ensuring that Program Administrators register Programs, support the training and background screen processes for Responsible Adults, liaise with faculty and administrators to ensure Program efficiency and minimize administrative burden and correspond with the University's Youth Protection Officer to maintain safe operations consistent with the Policy. Here, TSOs can:

  • Download a Tub Sponsoring Office checklist to better understand what you need to be prepared, and a Responsible Adults checklist and a Program Administrator checklist to share with individuals in your Programs
  • Get forms for Programs
  • Find where to direct Program Administrators to Register a Program with you train Responsible Adults and Program Administrators, and screen Responsible Adults
  • Learn how to ensure Programs in your Tub meet Policy requirements
  • Download a summary of the Policy to share with faculty, parents, student and others interested in Harvard's efforts to create a safe and supportive environment for youth (note: see PA note above)
  • For minors participating in laboratory activities during a Harvard program, learn about the University's efforts and what you can do to promote safety for minors in labs

Below are some forms that you or your Program Administrators may ask faculty, parents, contractors/vendors/lessees or other staff you to complete before a youth-serving Program can be approved by a Tub Sponsoring Office.

Finally, you can review the resource links below to learn more about Harvard and and our efforts to create a safe and supportive environment for youth.

From the Policy:

Tub Sponsoring Office(s) – Office(s) designated by each school or central unit with responsibility for:

  • Reviewing and approving Programs involving Minors, including Programs offered by non-Harvard organizations using Tub facilities;
  • Maintaining an inventory of approved Programs;
  • Collecting and maintaining Program registration information;
  • Administering and supporting institutional training;
  • Ensuring that all required screening has occurred, and that any person whose screening produces information that bears adversely upon his or her ability to provide for the safety and well-being of Minors is prohibited from having contact with Minors; and
  • Monitoring compliance with the Minors Policy at the Tub level.

Environmental Health and Safety Review Checklist (minors in labs)

A helpful checklist for Program Administrators and Principal Investigators seeking to conduct work or research in labs or other instructional facilities with minors.

Application for Student Minors to Enter Harvard University Laboratories

Program Administrator or Principal Investigator seeking to conduct work or research in labs or other instructional facilities with minors should fill out this form and return it to Environmental Health & Safety at