Program Administrators and Responsible Adults are required to complete an online training program prior to registering or participating in a program at Harvard.

Training for Responsible Adults

Click here for a short (20-30 minute) web training on the Policy; provide your Program Administrator with the Certificate upon completion.

Training for Program Administrators

Click here for a 30-40 minute web training on the Policy and administrative processes; notify your Tub Sponsoring Office when you have completed the training.

Please Note

Program Administrators and Responsible Adults are required to participate in a training program.

  • The program will cover:
    • Harvard University policies regarding interactions with Minors;
    • Background screening requirements;
    • Examples of appropriate and inappropriate behavior with Minors, as outlined in the Guidelines for Interacting with Minors;
    • Behavioral signs that a Minor may be a victim of abuse or neglect;
    • Reporting requirements and procedures for suspicion that a minor may be a victim of abuse or neglect;
  • The training program is a minimum requirement. The need for additional, Program-specific training will be determined by the Program Administrator and the Tub Sponsoring Office, as appropriate.
  • Training of Program Administrators and Responsible Adults must take place prior to involvement in the Program and refresher training will be required every three years.
  • The Tub Sponsoring Office is responsible for registering Program Administrators and Responsible Adults for the training program and monitoring compliance with the training requirement. The Tub Sponsoring Office provides support for the training program, including maintenance of training records.

For Vendors

The required training for contractors or other individuals employed by or affiliated with non-Harvard organizations shall be handled by the non-Harvard organization.  Contractors and other non-Harvard organizations may utilize their own training module(s), or utilize the Harvard training provided on this site.

If a contractor or non-Harvard organization elects to use the Harvard training module, all Responsible Adults must provisioned an HUID and claim a HarvardKey to access the training. You should complete this process 3-days prior to when the user needs to have access to the system.

Steps – Completing the POI Form  (view detailed work instruction here)

Person of Interest form screen shot


Attached the completed form to an e-mail  with a subject line of POI Authorized Identity Request Form.

Once the account is set up you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the person’s new HUID number.  You should then e-mail the person who needs to take the training  their HUID number and request that they claim a HarvardKey https:/  The user will also need to have DUO installed http:/

The non-Harvard organization must certify to Harvard in writing that the required training has occurred. This certification should be delivered to the Tub Sponsoring Office where the program is located.