Register a Program

Program Administrators and Tub Sponsoring Offices must register a program prior to working with minors at Harvard.

How to Register

Program Administrators should begin collecting the necessary information as far in advance of a program's start date in order to ensure a prompt review process. Here are a few short steps for successfully registering a program:

  1. Review the Policy, conduct a Program Evaluation & Risk Assessment and contact your Tub Sponsoring Office. This may provide an opportunity to work with your TSO to evaluate your program structure and consider alternatives to promote a safe environment, achieve greater efficiencies and mitigate risks.
  2. Access the Youth Protection Registration Portal and submit the required information. For more information about what is required, see below or review the Policy section on Program Registration and Approval.
  3. Once you submit the form, your Tub Sponsoring Office will be notified by email.
  4. While the TSO is reviewing your Program Registration Form, you can browse the Policy for more information on preparing your program for any special attributes, including:

    Residential Programs
    Leased Facilities
  5. The TSO will approve your program, or contact you (sometimes after consulting with the Youth Protection Officer) to discuss missing information or necessary changes to the program in order to achieve compliance with the Policy.


For More Information

Further selections from the Policy section on Program Registration and Approval are provided for your review below:

Program Registration and Approval

  • Tub Sponsoring Offices must develop and implement a Program review and approval process, including escalation procedures for adjudication on Programs with a higher risk profile (e.g., residential/travel components) – see Program Evaluation section of this Policy, under Recommended Practices.
  • The Youth Protection Officer must, at least annually, conduct a census of Programs, assess Policy compliance and report results and any associated recommendations to the URMC.
  • Tub Sponsoring Offices are also responsible for ensuring that the Program complies with any other University Policy or federal or state law. For example, if the Program is a recreational camp it may be subject to the requirements of certain state regulations as set forth in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Regulatory Standards for Recreational Camps.  Further information and guidance on recreational camps is provided in the Publications and Advisories section of the Office of General Counsel

A Note for Parents

If you reach this page in error while searching for forms to register a Minor for a specific Program, you should contact the specific Program for help with registration.  Tub Sponsoring Offices and the Youth Protection Officer do not maintain information for Parents or Minors on registration with individual Programs