How to Report

All members of the Harvard community

Including faculty, staff, students and volunteers and contractors/consultants, who, while representing or serving Harvard or otherwise participating in a Harvard program, interact with Minors are required by the Harvard Policy for the Safety and Protection of Minors to report immediately any instances of of suspected abuse or neglect of a Minor, including self-disclosed abuse or neglect, as well as situations involving inappropriate activity with a Minor.

In most instances, reports should be made directly to HUPD (see below).  If you make a report directly to DCF, please also notify HUPD that you have made the report.

Reports may be made through several channels

Harvard University Police Department
Call Urgent: 617-495-1212 (Longwood 617-432-1212)
HUPD will act as the University’s designated agent for purposes of filing a report of suspected abuse with DCF if HUPD determines that a report is warranted. 

Department of Children and Families
24-hour Child at Risk hotline: 1-800-792-5200. 

Anonymous Reporting Hotline -- Non-statutory Mandated Reporters can submit an anonymous report to Harvard’s Anonymous Reporting Hotline by phone 1-877-694-2275, or online. The hotline is a confidential, toll-free, 24-hour resource that is run by an independent, third party provider.  Note, however, that if you are a statutory Mandated Reporter, your report must be made to HUPD or DCF, and you must identify yourself. Note also that the Anonymous Reporting Hotline should not be used as an emergency reporting mechanism. For situations requiring emergency assistance, or where there is imminent danger to a child, contact HUPD immediately.